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We are trained to protect people, goods, places, property, or assets. The functions can defer depending on the location of the work area or position being assigned, or the place to be protected. The guards may be on patrol or could be stationary. 

● Identifying and preventing risk situations.
● Communicating with the police and assisting them if necessary.
● Assisting people in emergencies that may arise.
● Preventing and reducing criminal activity.
● Safeguarding property.
● Inform their chain of command and colleagues of unforeseen situations.
● Comply with the standards required by the association or management
contracting the property to perform their job.
● Establish with the hierarchical order a set of words and codes for internal
communication within the security group or team.
● Perform the activity report.
● Perform incident reports.

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Security Officers

These security guards protect businesses and buildings. These guards will be working on shifts and therefore our guards have the mental and physical fortitude to remain on constant alert and stop danger without warning.


Camera System

We offer security camera systems with constant and continuous monitoring through a system developed by our company which facilitates a discreet but accurate monitoring of areas that would be sensitive to be affected by harmful agents for people and/ or property. 

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Our company is based on the security service within the different specialties. The Ministry of Agriculture establishes that any natural person who performs the services of a security officer must have a license except in special cases

Our staffing agency covers workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, takes out payroll taxes, pays the worker, and covers other costs associated with employment.

When working with a staffing specialist an employer gains access to years of market knowledge, a good staffing firm will know what the going salary ranges are for a particular position, market history, passive candidates that are open to new opportunities, and active potential employees looking as well. We will act as a resource and a partner to present your opportunity to candidates in
the best light.

We guarantee qualified and motivated operating personnel, we believe in human capabilities, in the importance of each role and the best service experience combines the execution of functions and tasks with the extraordinary responsibility of workers, attention to detail, joy, motivation, agility, preparation on best practices and commitment

Using a staffing agency eliminates upfront costs used to market, find and attract talent, they also reduce employer’s overhead by eliminating benefits costs, improve an employer’s cash flow, and reduce overtime costs associated with the company’s full-time regular employees.

We work with experts in the evaluation, relocation and certification processes for the benefit of our collaborators, we have a database that allows us to interact with millions of people, companies and institutions to reduce time to hire.

Employees are hired by the staffing agency, not your company. That means agency handles all the employment paperwork and taxes. This saves you time and streamlines the process for your company.

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